organized session list

  RF and Microwave Micro-Systems for Communication and Sensing
    [Mojgan Daneshmand]

  Honoring Dr. Shafai's Achievements in Training HQP
    [Pedram Mousavi and Abdel Sebak]

  Intelligent Integrated Sensors and Antennas
    [Pedram Mousavi]

  Electromagnetic Periodic Structures and Their Applications to MM-Wave Antenna 
    [Tayeb A. Denidni and Mohamad Mantash]

  Research on Antennas for Defense and Security Applications
    [Michel Clénet]

  Antennas from Gigahertz to Terahertz for Communications
    [Goutam Chattopadhyay]

  Advances in Remote Sensing and Applied Electromagnetics for Arctic Science 
    [Dustin Isleifson and Lot Shafai]

  Hybrid and Novel Methods for Antenna Placement Studies
    [C.J. Reddy]

  Innovative Methods for Inverse Problems
    [Vladimir Okhmatovski and Joe LoVetri]

  Passive Devices for Internet of Space (IoS) and 5G
    [Ming Yu and Ying Wang]

  Printed, Flexible and Wearable Antennas
    [Atif Shamim]

  Smart Antennas
    [Mohamed Elbadawe and Faruk Erkmen]

  Antenna Design for Modern Applications and Emerging Technologies
    [Raed Shubair]

  RF MEMS for Tunable RF Components 
    [Raafat Mansour]

  Metamaterials, Plasmonis and Metasurfaces
    [Hamed Majedi]

  Photonic Devices
    [Hamed Majedi] 

  Mobile Satcom Antennas
    [Safieddin Safavi-Naeini] 

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