online paper submission

**All submissions are due on or before Thursday, March 1, 2018.

steps for submission

  1. Create your manuscript. Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision (it is highly recommended that you do this BEFORE going to IEEE PDF eXpress Plus).

  2. Add the appropriate copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document (see Copright Notice).

  3. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus site and create an account (if you are a New User) or log in if you have created an account previousley. Please use the Conference ID: 43091XP. Upload your PDF for checking or optionally use the IEEE PDF eXpress site to generate an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF. The site contains instructions, resources, helpful hints, and access to technical support.

  4. Submit the final IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF here:  
  1. You will receive a computer generated confirmation, and an e-mail will be immediately sent to the submitting author to provide feedback on a successful submission. At anytime to return to the ANTEM site click on the Heading and you will be brought back to the ANTEM home page.

  2. Next you are required to complete the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF) (all submissions require a copyright). Click on the “OpenConf Home” tab and then click on the “Submit Copyright” link which will take you to the IEEE eCopyright screen where you will be asked for your “Submission ID” (paper number) and your “Password” (created during the submission process).  Once signed in you will then be taken to a second IEEE eCopyright screen where you will click on the “Copyright Submission” button. You will then be brought to the IEEE eCF which is a fully digital version of the IEEE Copyright Form. It includes an important feature (the Wizard) that, through a series of questions and replies, determines the author's copyright status and brings the author to the appropriate form to sign electronically.  By typing in your name you are agreeing to assigning copyright to IEEE.

  3. To submit a revised version up until the closing of the submission link, please use of Upload File link. 

**Papers that are not presented at the conference (no-show papers) will not be submitted to IEEE and will be excluded from distribution on IEEE Xplore. 

author links 

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